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26th Marine Expeditionary Unit deploys an element to CENTCOM
2 May 2023

A small task-organized element of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), II Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF) is deploying on short notice to United States Central Command (CENTCOM) area of operations under the direction of the Combatant Commander, May 1, 2023.

The 26th MEU is entering the final stage of its pre-deployment training program in preparation for a deployment to the tri-COCOM region, including EUCOM, AFRICOM and CENTCOM. As a crisis response force, the 26th MEU is prepared to aggregate forces at a moment’s notice to support operations across the globe.

The 26th MEU serves as one of the Nation’s premier crisis response forces capable of conducting amphibious operations, crisis response, and limited contingency operations, to include enabling the introduction of follow-on forces and designated special operations, in support of theater requirements of the Geographic Combatant Commander. Coupled with the BAT ARG, the 26th MEU serves as a premier stand-in force with a full complement of all-domain capabilities to operate persistently within the littorals or weapons engagement zones of an adversary.